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Born Sinner
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Everyone has a dark side. This is where you can unleash it. Go wild, have fun. In the land of sin city,anything can happen. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Girls: 9
Guys: 4

So, I’ve been thinking..

This RP had alot of potential, tbh. So I might revamp it. Do more promoing, be more committed to it, maybe change up the plot a little…yes? no? We’ll see..

-sighs- I guess not with this RP..

13Aug ♥ 1 note

It is so dead..

Mmkay, so listen. We gotta find a designated time that we should all be online, that fits everyone’s schedules. This dead shit is no bueno. Tell me what days and times you guys are available. I’ll be back later.

8Aug ♥ 2 notes

Where is everyone?

kay, imma make my thing and then come back !

Okay love

I wanted mac_bxtch , but I don't mind leaving it to Taja ^.^

Yeah love you should most likely stick to Taja, there’s already a mac_bxtch FC here

Can you create a original character for this rp? And also, can the original character be one of the active characters sibling? If you get me? o:

Sure love

I asked to be Savannah , can i change the FC or do you want it as Taja ?

Errr, who do you want to change the FC to hun?

Can I apply as Savannah ?

Yes you can

i'll make the blog for Rakim tomorrow

Okay love